Guess What?!?!?!?!

 People are going insane for Legitimate Influence! You should have seen all the hate mail we got when we shut down, that's why we made a sister site! That's right, another site dedcated to our morals and values...well seeing as we don't really have any morals...and we don't have any values...I guess we'll just call it the second best site on the web.  So get your bored web surfin asses over to to experience randomness like you never have before!

Allo?  halloooo?

We're back and better than ever you sorry sons-of-bitches!  We have re-constructed, re-established, and totally re-vamped this fricken site!!!  Now not only will will our site totally kick ass, but we'll have tons of forums, blogs, and shit that you can join in, and what's best of all is we'll be making bank!  (well, not really, but we are going to let google put adds on our website so we can start earning some cash)  Believe, us we love making you assholes laugh, but it's a lot of fucking work to keep a site in top-condish!


We will be holding our very first and insanely awsome forum on May 3rd, so you better be there ya assholes!  Since it will be our first public forum and kind of a special thing, we've decided to break open a bottle of virtual Captain Morgan, you won't be able to drink it...actually you won't be able to see it either...just be there cause we'll be talking about the best site on the internet------Legitimate influence!  Let us influence your lives the way you will never influence ours! (that's our official nerdy catch frase...hehe)

A little about us...

We, obliviously are still in school, we're fucking hilarious, and we don't like Obama.  In fact, just a hint, FUCK OBAMA YOU STUPID DEMOCRATIC ASSHOLES!!!  Oh, and by the way, Mr. President, do you know how to answer a fucking question? every time someone asks you something, you completely change the fucking topic!!!!